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Sunscape Dealer - Window Film USA offers Window Film Sales and ServicesWindow films are designed to improve the performance of glass quickly, economically and with minimal impact on the way that a home owner lives or a business functions. The scientifically engineered materials convert existing windows to match the highest standards of replacement windows – ultraviolet ray and solar energy reduction, wind load and impact resistance – but at a
fraction of the cost.

SunScape Select window films protect interiors from harmful solar rays, which, if not guarded against, can fade furnishings and even cause irreversible skin damage. SunScape films block more than 99.9 percent of dangerous ultraviolet rays. By rejecting up to 83 percent of the sun’s heat, SunScape Select films dramatically reduce cooling costs while contributing to more comfortable, balanced interior temperatures.

This window tinting is available in a variety of styles, the entire SunScape Select lineup greatly increases privacy and reduces glare. The rugged material also helps to bind dangerous glass shards together should the window suffer an impact.

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