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**NEW** Solutia Launches Industry-Changing

EnerLogic® 70 Low-E Window Film

Enerlogic 70 Low E Window Film - Tinting  Dealer - Window Film USABuilding on the success of EnerLogic 35 window film, launched in 2010, EnerLogic 70 is the next generation of EnerLogic glass insulation technology that combines industry-leading low-e performance with a virtually invisible appearance.

“The performance of this newest EnerLogic film is unprecedented,” said Wing Kwang, global business director for Solutia’s Performance Films division. “With visible light transmission of up to 70 percent, EnerLogic 70 window film offers energy savings with a clear view that ultimately maintains the look of the existing glass.”

With EnerLogic 70 low-e window film, heat from the summer sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on air conditioners. In winter, radiant heat from a home’s heating system is directed back into the room, decreasing energy use, improving comfort and
reducing energy bills during both seasons.

Improving a window's insulating properties provides year-round energy savings. When you compare how much EnerLogic window tinting improves a typical window's insulating performance to other film technologies, you clearly see that EnerLogic is in a class by itself.

Based on percentage improvement in average annual insulating properties of 6mm glass with film as compared to the same glass without film. Product: VEP35 SR CDF

View the EnerLogic 70 full press release here

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EnerLogic low-e glass insulation technology

revolutionizes window film.

A building can only be energy-efficient to the extent that its windows are energy-efficient. In summer, windows allow too much heat to enter, forcing cooling systems to work harder and making cooling costs climb. But in winter, they allow too much heat to escape, forcing heating systems to work harder and making heating costs climb.

Solutia Enerlogic Window Film - Window Film USA Energy Efficient Window Tinting DealerHistorically, most window films have provided only a summer solution - a solution for only part of the year.

EnerLogic tinting is different.
It works year round - like other major energy saving measures such as high-efficiency lighting, new control systems, and HVAC upgrades.

In summer, EnerLogic window tinting keeps the heat out, like traditional reflective window film. But in winter, EnerLogic does what reflective film can't do: It locks the heat inside. So you get a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings - all year long. And EnerLogic does this with outstanding optical clarity that's fully compatible with high-efficiency lighting. It looks great in any light.

Watch how EnerLogic Window Film can save you money all year long!


Enerlogic Window Tinting - Window Film USA installs Energy Efficient Window Tinting

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